Sitges Local Buses L1

From Monday 11 November 2013, the little blue bus L1 from Sitges station to Valpineda, are extending their service.

With a new section of stops that will cover the top of the Vallpineda development. (which will have four new stops).

  • Same times (we understand), from 6:45 to 20:45 pm.
  • Same frequency of 30 minutes.

It is worth remembering that they stop running at 20:45 in the evenings, so after this point you will need to rely on taxis. Which we feel are too costly, for short local trips!

The new stops are located 19. Vallpineda Av. Miquel Utrillo, 20.Paseo de San Alberto21. Plaza Santiago Churruca and 22. Paseo San Didac

  1. Sitges Train Station
  2. Sitges Parc De Can Robert
  3. Camí dels Capellans (CAP)
  4. Camí de la Fita – Plaza Catalunya
  5. Cami de la Fita – Piscina Municipal (public swimming pool)
  6. IES Joan Ramon Benaprés (heading up)
  7. Pruelles Mas Alba (heading up)
  8. Avenida Camí Pla / Caprabo Supermarket (heading Up)
  9. Cementiri
  10. Avinguda Del Cami Pla (heading Down)
  11. Pruelles / Mas Alba (heading down)
  12. IES Joan Ramon Benaprés (heading down)
  13. Cami de la Fita (heading down)
  14. Policia Municipal / Bombers
  15. Avenida Ronda / Passeig Vilafranca
  16. La Bóvila
  17. Vallpineda
  18. Club Natació (Swimming Club)
  19. Valilpineda Av. Miquel Utrillo
  20. Vallpineda Passeig de Sant Albert
  21. Vallpineda Placa Santiago Churruca
  22. Vallpineda Passeig de Sant Didac
  23. Parc Can Robert (Paseig Vilafranca)

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